Tweedie Capital facilitates investment in agriculture, sometimes identifying opoprtunities for investment.  It may assist investors with their investment plans and execution, and it may bring opportunities to the attention of potential investors, by way of introductory documents and conversations (“Introductions”).  These Introductions may include emails, summaries and presentations, both written and verbal. 

Introductions presented by Tweedie Capital to potential investors are independent assessments of a business proposition.  All such Introductions, unless explicitly labelled otherwise, will not be an official document or representation from the relevant business, farmer or founder, and investment decisions should not be based on any such Introductions. 

Introductions will not constitute an offer to sell securities, nor will it be an offer to invest funds in any venture or opportunity described, not will it be any kind of financial or investment advice.  The sole purpose of the Introductions will be to provide an introductory assessment for discussion purposes. 

By pursuing opportunities introduced by Tweedie Capital, or requesting further information about such opportunities, potential investors acknowledge that they are not relying on the Introductions in any way, and absolve Tweedie Capital from any responsibility or liability for their investment decisions.