WHAT we do

In the beginning (Point A) there is simply the thought that investment in the agri asset class is a good idea. At the end of the road (Point B) you have invested in equity in a farmland or agri-business operation which somebody manages on your behalf (unless you want to move to the country and become a farmer). Tweedie Capital is here to help you travel smoothly from from Point A to Point B, This involves a number of steps:


Evaluation of your requirements

How much capital will you allocate? What is your appetite for risk? Do you have preferences for particular types of farming or business? What is your preferred investment term? Are you looking for a minority co-investment, or a majority with control? We will work with you to develop a strategy based on all these factors, tempered by advice based on our own experience.

Identification of opportunities

We have a network of contacts and trusted advisers across most sectors in South America, Australia and New Zealand. We are able to identify many different types of opportunities, ranging from small distressed assets through to major enterprises worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We aim to introduce opportunities which are not publicly available.

Deal Negotiation

We can oversight the deal negotiation process - there are huge advantages in having a third party negotiator. It also helps in the early stages to avoid creating too much buyer excitement.

Due diligence

Every situation is different, and performing due diligence on a coffee plantation in Brazil requires a different knowledge base and skill set to doing a similar exercise on a cattle station in Australia. We can assemble highly skilled and experienced teams to perform independent due diligence on almost any agri opportunity in our target countries.

Foreign investment regulations

This is one of the most critical aspects of global and diversified agri investment strategies. It is essential to understand how to navigate through each country's regulations governing foreign investment. In some cases this will require the creation of specialised commercial structures.

Legal, accounting and tax advice

Tweedie Capital does not provide these services directly, but we have access to specialist firms who can provide tailored advice to suit the specific requirements of the particular investment scenario.

Debt finance

We can facilitate access to debt finance if required, particularly if it is more effective to source the debt in the target country.

Ongoing management

Who is going to manage the farm or the agri-business? If you have the expertise and resources to do it yourself then there is no problem, but most investors need someone to do that for them. Sometimes this involves negotiating arrangements for existing management to stay after the change of ownership, and sometimes there is a need to engage a professional management team.