Welcome to Tweedie Capital - Specialists in Agriculture Investment in South America, Australia and New Zealand

More and more investors are realising the benefits of investing in agriculture. As an asset class it has historically provided strong returns over the long term, and it is becoming more attractive as growth in the world's middle class generates booming demand for better diets, particularly protein.

However, it is not an easy asset class. There is a scarcity of listed companies with direct exposure to agriculture, and there are not many well managed funds focusing in this area. But more importantly, the unique nature of the risks associated with the asset class, and the variety and complexity of the investment opportunities, means that it is very difficult to develop the necessary expertise to invest wisely. On the upside, many institutions and private investors have found that if the investments are chosen carefully the outcomes can be highly rewarding.

Tweedie Capital provides a comprehensive suite of services which enables investors to gain exposure to the agriculture and agri-business asset class without spending a huge amount of time doing it all themselves. We can provide all of the following services:

  • Evaluation of your requirements and development of an investment strategy;
  • Identification of suitable investment opportunities;
  • Deal negotiation to optimise the financial outcomes;
  • Provision of highly specific expertise to perform due diligence on your behalf;
  • Assistance with navigation through foreign investment regulations and processes;
  • Facilitation of agri-specific legal, accounting and tax advice;
  • Access to debt finance to help leverage direct equity investments;
  • Arrangement of ongoing professional management of your investment.

Tweedie Capital is similar to a Buyer's Agent for residential real estate. It is quite common for investors to use Buyer's Agents to identify and facilitate the selection and purchase of residential property, simply because they have expertise and knowledge which the average buyer does not. Given that investing in agriculture is much more complex than residential property, it makes sense to have someone like us to assist with the whole process.

While many organizations operate in the agri investment field, the thing that makes Tweedie Capital different is that we only work on agri investment deals. We specialize in one asset class - we are not working on agri one week, property development the next, and a commercial MBO the week after. We firmly believe that agri is so different to anything else that it requires an undivided focus in order to deliver optimal outcomes.